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Version: 1.2.0


Welcome to the nzyme documentation. The goal of nzyme is to be accessible to as many people as possible by being easy to understand, no matter your level of experience. There is nothing wrong with asking for clarification or more detail. Please refer to the "Instructions unclear?" section below to find out where to get help.

Nzyme is a welcoming project without elitism. Your feedback helps make it more and more accessible to everyone who wants to learn. Ask away!

Getting Started#

If you are trying to get an overview of nzyme, you are invited to browse the documentation and read more about anything that sounds interesting.

Ready to give it a try? The Requirements page is a great way to start before entering the installation guides.

Instructions unclear?#

If something is unclear, missing or possibly wrong, please file an issue in the issue tracker.

Community Forums

The nzyme Community Forums are the perfect place to ask any general questions about installation, configuration or use of nzyme.


Want to discuss something in real-time or hang out with the community? The nzyme Discord server is open to everyone.

GitHub Sponsors

Support the project by sponsoring on GitHub and enjoy early access to new developments and behind the scenes content.